Miley Cyrus Net Worth: From Hannah Montana to a Rebel Heart

From her early days as Hannah Montana to her stadium-filling Plastic Hearts Tour, Miley Cyrus has broken out of the children’s TV mold and fashioned herself into a pop-rock mainstay. Still dominating the pop world, Cyrus’ latest album, Plastic Hearts, debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart. According to, Cyrus has amassed … Read more

The 28 Best Lyle Lovett Quotes

Four-time Grammy Award-winner Lyle Lovett is an American songwriting treasure. Lovett, who released his latest album this year, 12th of Juneis a skilled writer, beloved crooner, and an all-timer when it comes to his impact on Americana and folk music. To date, he’s released 13 albums and a few dozen singles and his legacy is … Read more

Daily Discover: Diane Coffee Writes Through the Flashbacks on ‘With People’

When Shaun Fleming, also known as Diane Coffee, returned to his hometown of Agoura Hills, California during the pandemic, memories flooded back. People, places, and random moments in time began playing out in their thoughts, and stories were sewn together on the fourth Diane Coffee album With People (Polyvinyl Record Co.). Working with the former … Read more

How Automobiles Are Like Dierrhea

It occurred to me, out of the blue to seek guidance in solving the procrastination problem which has beset me, to some degree, my whole life; but which seems to have become habitual the past few years. My acquaintance, Bobbyhad been telling me, beginning about 4 years ago, now, for example, that I should seek … Read more

Six of the best free drum machines

Physical drum machines are brilliantly tactic and can give you punchy percussion sounds that aren’t always immediately available in your DAW. However, there are plenty of plug-ins that can get you in the groove and shake up your workflow with functions that most hardware is simply not capable of achieving. We love the charm of … Read more

Universal Audio Opal Morphing synthesizer review: Analogue meets wavetable in UA’s new flagship soft synth

Universal Audio has dipped its toes into software instruments before with the Minimoog Model D and Ravel Piano that come with its DAW, Luna. But the California-based developer’s latest release sees the creation of an all-new synthesizer. In an effort to make Opal distinctive, UA has built the synth with an array of morphing parameters … Read more

Listen to the Top 7 ‘American Idol’ Contestants’ Original Singles

BMG, in partnership with American Idol and 19 Entertainment, have released original songs by the Top 7 finalists from Season 20. The seven singles include songs by Fritz Hager, HunterGirl, Nicolina, JAY, Christian Guardino, Leah Marlene, and Noah Thompson. On May 22, the Top 3 contestants will perform their original songs live during the three-hour … Read more