16 Of The Greatest And Most Famous Musicians From Alaska

Alaska is known for its majestic mountains, cold weather, and weird daylight hours, but did you know that there are quite a few famous Alaskan musicians?

Although there aren’t many Alaskan bands and artists, the select bands who have made significant headway in the music industry are worth checking out. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the most famous musicians from this great snow-capped country.

1 – John Gurley (Portugal. The man)

Born in Willow, Alaska, John Gurley is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter best known for being the leader of the Portugal band. the man.

His Alaskan lifestyle kept him off the grid for some time until he and four other musicians formed the punk band Anatomy of a Ghost and began touring around the country.

After the breakup of that band, Gurley found his home in music as the pioneer of the aforementioned Portugal. the band.

They had a huge hit with the song”still feel it” Beside “Purple, yellow, red and blue” And “people sayAmong the 50 best rock songs in the US.

2. Spoonman

Artis the Spoonman, dubbed “Seattle’s best kept secret” by Stephen Tyler, is a uniquely talented musician best known for his work with spoons.

Born in Kodiak, Alaska in 1948. Artis, a born artist, started out as a street show in Seattle in the 1970s and 1980s.

He went on to play in a number of major cities such as San Francisco, Sydney, Longdon, Dublin, Singapore and others.

After his discovery, he shared the stage with his first major artist, Frank Zappa.

From there, Artis went on to make guest appearances with numerous musicians, including the Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra, Soundgarden, Fish, and Jim Page, and made appearances on Late Night with David Letterman, Broadway, and numerous festivals.

3. Lincoln Brewster

Christian singer, guitarist, and worship leader Lincoln Brewster is a musician in the Alaskan town of Fairbanks who has been surrounded by music since the day he was born.

His mother was in a band, and at a very young age, he would attend rehearsals and “play” broken drums. As a teenager, Brewster learned to play electric guitar to form his first band Lincoln and Missing Links featuring his mother on the bass!

After his parents had a messy divorce, he and his mother moved to California where he scored a demo and caught the attention of producer Randy Jackson.

He toured with Steve Perry for a while before defining his faith and changing gears. He is currently a senior pastor, but he still leads the worship team and writes Christian music.

4. John Luther Adams

John Luther Adams is an award-winning American composer, best known for his work in various types and forms of media, including children’s theatre, television, film, and more.

Although he was born in Mississippi, he moved to Alaska to pursue a career in environmental protection after graduating from California Institute of the Arts.

He spent nearly 40 years in the great land, which played a major role in opening his eyes to a musical world intertwined with nature.

This influence can be felt to this day, even his most recent work combines sounds from nature.

5. Hilary Weeks

Although born in Colorado, pop and popular musician Hilary Weeks grew up in Alaska.

After graduating from the arts program at Brigham Young University, Weeks went on to record her first studio album just three years later.

She then went on to record 7 more and some even reached the top ten on Billboard’s Christian album charts.

Presently, she lives in Utah and releases new music for her Live All In app.

6. Kate Earl

Singer-songwriter Kate Earl is currently running her music career out of London, but her roots lie in Anchorage, Alaska.

This pop artist started her musical journey at the age of four when she learned to play the piano. She also sang in her church choir and played the guitar.

Soon after moving to Los Angeles, The Record Collection picked up Label Earl.

She has released four studio albums to date, all focusing on upbeat swing, pop and electric swing.

7 – Jason Everman (Nirvana)

Jason Everman has perhaps one of the most interesting career stories in Alaska.

Born in Kodiak, Alaska, and in the late 1980s, Everyman joined the popular band Nirvana as a guitarist.

However, the band did not hold it for long. He later joined Soundgarden on bass, went on tour, and immediately left the band.

Everman got a major career change when he joined the Army’s Special Operations Forces. He now plays for Silence & Light, a band of military veterans committed to helping the military community.

8. Jewel

Although Joel Kilcher was born in Payson, Utah, the singer-songwriter and her family moved to Anchorage soon after.

The artist came from humble beginnings and had a rough family history, but things got worse and she started performing music with her father in local bars and hotels.

At the age of 15, Joel left Alaska to study operatic voice at the Interlochen Academy of Arts in Michigan.

She spent some time living in her car, traveling cross country, and taking go-karts until Inga Feinstein discovered her.

She has gone on to sell over 30 million albums, release 12 studio albums, and win multiple awards with four Grammy Award nominations.

9. Kelly Money Maker

American singer-songwriter Kelly Moneymaker was born in Fairbanks, Alaska in 1970.

This talented artist has had a diverse career. After moving to Seattle as a teen, she co-founded the BoyToy group. She then loved California which led to her work with some famous artists including Diana Ross, Enya, Meat Luv, former Beetle Ringo Starr and many more.

Much of Moneymaker’s work has been featured on popular TV shows like CSI, Parenthood and Gossip Girl.

Today, she resides in Fairbanks and has an all-star band called In The Black.

10. Khloe Thomas

Khleo Thomas is an Alaskan native who has dip his toes into almost every aspect of the entertainment industry.

Thomas got his start as a child actor, filming television commercials. His family ended up moving to California, where he landed his breakout role as Zero in the movie Holes. He also appeared in one of the original songs of the movie, “Dig It”.

Thomas moved away from acting to pursue rap and has now released two EPs, and is still working on supporting television roles today.

11. Janet Gardner (Vixen)

Best known as the longest-running vocalist in the female rock band Vixen, Janet Garnder is an American rock singer who was born in Juneau, Alaska in 1962.

Vixen brought immense feminine energy to the then male-dominated genre and they continued to perform alongside bands like Kiss, Bon Jovi and The Scorpions.

Driven by the success of Vixen, Gardner led a successful solo career. She often collaborates with artist and producer Justin James and released her latest album in 2020.

12. Vivica Gino

Vivica Genaux is a famous mezzo-soprano opera singer who was born in Fairbanks, Alaska. Her stunning voices have earned her an international career that hasn’t slowed down in more than 20 years.

Jennox made her debut in 1994 as Isabella in a production of Florence’s Opera in Litaliana, Algeria.

She specialized in additional portrayals of Rossini’s heroines and went on to perform at several major US operas.

Her career later took her around the world, and her fame still exists today.

13. Anna Grassman

Alaskan born Anna Griezmann has been performing since she was two years old due to the encouragement of her mother.

In 2011, Graceman sang in the popular TV series America’s Got Talent. She took to performing at the Palazzo Theater and gained a huge number of followers online.

Her YouTube career has opened many doors for her, and Bebe Rexha has chosen one of her songs as the winner of the competition show Songland.

14. Halle Lauren

With a career that started at the age of 13, Halle Lauren was somewhat of a child prodigy.

Born and raised in Sitka, Alaska, Lauren won a songwriting competition that earned her national fame.

The singer took some time to sing in Nashville before recording her first album at the age of 20.

Since then, she has toured the world and has consistently topped the Japanese and Canadian jazz charts.

15. Marcus Shelby

Known for his playing, composing and teaching music rather than his voice, Marcus Shelby is another musician who was born in Anchorage, Alaska.

Shelby got his start when he was awarded the Charles Mingus Scholarship at California College of the Arts.

He studied composition and shaped his career around the past, present, and future of music education and African American social movements.

16. Nathan West (West Lee)

Nathan West was born in Anchorage, Alaska, and is best known for his music and acting. He has done almost everything in his career along with his wife Chiller Lee.

Not only did he make music with her under the name WestLeigh, but he also worked on the popular TV series “7th Heaven” with her.

West has worked on other projects, including Disney’s Miracle. He excels in singing, playing the guitar and enjoying playing field hockey.

Summing up a list of the greatest musicians from Alaska

Whether you hail from the great state of Alaska yourself or find an interest in it, you can now appreciate some of the amazing musicians that come from the area.

These 17 artists come from a wide variety of genres that might pique your curiosity, so be sure to check them out!

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