5 Historic Dance Music Duo Reunions

Skream and Benga have announced that they are working on music once again together. Here are five other electronic music duo reunions that have made an impact.

Dubstep pioneers Skream and Benga recently revealed they’re back in the studio to work on new material for 2022. tweetThe boys are back in town…Skream Xiambenga 2.0… 2022 we own it,” Skream said. The Croydon native, who recently participated in Attack’s Quick Mix interview series, also posted “You Can’t Get Rid, Just Brand New Music” on his Instagram page.

This is great news for fans of the producers. It will be the duo’s first new music since “The Hydro” in 2004 – nearly 20 years. Of course, the two went on to release music independently, with Skream moving into house and technical materials, and Benga enhancing the bass he helped shape. No word yet on what kind of music they’ll be doing but it sure will be a killer.

This ad made us think. What other popular dance duo music did they reunite after their breakup? Here are five of the best duos who decided to get back together after being called up.

Masters at work

“Little” Luis Vega. Kenny Dobby Gonzalez. These two New York-based DJs and producers got together in the late ’80s to record together under the name Masters At Work and together they created some of the biggest (and deepest) home recordings ever.

Whether recording under Masters At Work, MAW, Nu Yorican Soul, The Bucketheads or any number of other pseudonyms, producing for artists like The India Singer, or remixing everyone from Michael Jackson to Earth, Wind and Fire, the two have left an indelible mark. Erased on house music.

Although they continued to DJ, the pair have been quiet on top of the release since early 2010. In 2021 they announced the relaunch of their own label, MAW Records. This was followed by two new tracks, “Mattel,” which is a rehearsal of a deep house game drum machine, and “We’ve done it for years.” It’s nice to have a couple of back recording, and they do what they do best. They have also made their back catalog available digitally including some unreleased gems.

Lindstrom and Prince Thomas

Lindstrom and Prince Thomas

Norwegian bands Lindstrom and Prins Thomas are known for their space disco, a modern take on the progressive dance music genre that first gained acclaim in Italy in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Put them together in a room full of esoteric synthesizers and drum machines and what usually comes out is sublime, experimental, sometimes danceable, and always unique.

Between 2005 and 2009, the duo released three albums and a number of singles, all of which pushed the boundaries of what “dance music” could be. These limits were pushed even further in 2020 when they came together again ThirdTheir most experimental outing yet.

Mixing kosmiche, balaeric, prog, and whatever else they’re interested in throwing in, it manages to be experimental without feeling too self-indulgent. It was a welcome comeback for both of them and we hope to foretell more in the future.


Brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll have been attending it since 1989 and release “Chime”, the first rave anthem and still one of the best. The two have built an impressive lineup that includes nine studio albums, three soundtracks, six top hits, two DJ sets, a live record, and plenty of singles and averages. They’ve also become some of the best live shows, bringing an annoying amount of hardware on the road and using improvisation to keep things interesting.

The duo have already broken up and reunited twice. Their first reunion came in 2008, ending a four-year lull with a gig before the 20th Anniversary Tour the following year. They split again in 2014, saying they were “hanging up their famous glasses and parting ways for the last time”, according to their official website. Thankfully, that didn’t last, and 2017 saw them again on the road (yes, complete with the iconic luminous pencil glasses). They continue to roam and play and are currently preparing for Thirty-Something, a group of remixes by contemporary artists such as Dusky and ANNA, celebrating the pair’s thirty years in existence.

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