5 Of The Best Online Electronic Music Schools

We collect the best places to learn electronic music online.

Learning how to produce music has never been easier. This does not mean that it is easy. You’ll be more noticeable than ever with the post-millennium explosion of resources from free audio workstations to free audios. Plus there is a wealth of free YouTube content to help educate you.

With all this in mind, it makes sense to train yourself properly if you have any chance of beating the noise. And believe us, there is a lot of noise.

There are many who consider themselves geniuses and transcend teaching. They fall into the “it’s just about me” category. But for most of us, if you have a natural ability, why not get some formal training? They can help hone the craft and many schools also offer invaluable business advice as they overturn the mechanics of the industry with Web3.

If you are looking to learn electronic music production, it is worth considering these schools. In no particular order, we’ve rounded up five of our favorites.


What does Virtuoso know?

Virtuoso is relatively new but impressive from all angles.

Not only do they have an extensive video-on-demand program, they also have an extensive live session list available for those who subscribe.

Learn from the esque festival lineup that includes B.Traits, Skream, Flava D, Afrodeutsche, Krust, Swindle, Carl Cox, Plastician, Joris Voorn, Eats Everything and Friction to name a few.

Virtuoso covers all aspects of DJ and production as you’d expect, although you’ll also find plenty of content geared toward moving forward in the industry and crafting a unique space for what you do. In a competitive field like dance music, it pays to learn the business aspect.

How much does Virtuoso cost?

Virtuoso is available for subscription only.

Package cost £7.99 a month, £34.99 for 6 months, or £71.88 for a year (saving 25%).

any thing else?

Read our full feature on Virtuoso for a deep dive interview and a full understanding of how to revolutionize the business.


What does Olart know?

Aulart offers a range of different courses ranging from creative techniques for singers and songwriters, to standard tuning guides, in-depth DJ courses, entrepreneurship and marketing in Pro Audio.

The school also covers more popular areas such as music production with Ableton Live & Logic Pro. Submitted by the likes of Chris Lipping, Page & Dan, Jimmy Liddell, Carl Craig, Colin Binders and Keen, Rodriguez Jr.

How much does Olart cost?

Aulart has two pricing plans.

You can purchase individual master classes and they are priced between From 55 to 130 euros. You can access these, after purchase, forever.

They also offer a series of “camps” that are more expensive. They range from €249 – €799. These are intensive online live class courses in very limited numbers.

any thing else?

Aulart has a lot of excellent free tips and guides available on their blog.


What did FaderPro learn?

FaderPro provides engaging tutorials, with in-depth courses from many of the big names. If you’ve read Attack Magazine long enough, you’ll have read our interview with Stephen Lee – Co-Founder.

A notable feature is Mentor Mixdown Services. In this section, you have the option to have your own course mixed by an industry professional. At the end, they will give you a video showing how they are working to improve your blend. You’ll receive a bucket load of stats as well as a final mix and project file at the end. salary.

They also provide content from ATFC, BK, Danny Byrd, Dale Howard, Eelke Kleijn, Ferry Corsten, Harry Romero, Mark Knight, Nicky Romero, Shadow Child, UMEK and Roger Sanchez.

Here we also found the largest collection of DAW coverage, with a series of courses on Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Cubase, FL Studio, Pro Tools and Bitwig.

How much does FaderPro cost?

There are two pricing options.

Individual courses range from $34.99 – $149.99.

Subscription cost: $29.99 Per month, USD 149.94 For 6 months (work out $24.99 per month), $199.92 billed annually (working at $16.66 per month).

any thing else?

FaderPro has excellent label relationships. If you want the sound of a specific label, like Dim Mak, Toolroom Academy, or Hospital Records, to name a few, FaderPro excels.

point blank

What do you learn Point Blanc?

Point Blank can be considered the godfather of music production education. The list so far covers online music education, but Point Blanc offers more than Just distance learning.

With buildings located in London, Los Angeles, China, Ibiza and Mumbai, there is a good chance of enjoying some sun while on campus. And you can flaunt your tan along with an actual college degree which is another element that sets Point Blank apart from its competitors.

The courses cover all aspects, from music production, DJ and music making to artist development courses.

It’s also worth taking a closer look at the other items included in some of their courses. For example, students on the Full Master’s Diploma in Music Production will get a free copy of Ableton Live 11 once they sign up along with deep discounts on Native Instruments, Eventide, Roland Cloud, Waves and Spitfire Audio plug-ins.

How much does point plank cost?

Point Blank’s attendance costs are extensive and too large for this tour. We suggest visiting the pricing page.

It should be noted that as a university, there is funding available for students who apply according to certain criteria.

any thing else?

With alumni of huge names including CICI and Nicole Moudaber, there is no doubting the impact Point Blank can have on your career.

IO Music Academy

IO MUSIC Academy

What does IO Music Academy study?

IO Music Academy, based in Los Angeles, has an extensive online program.

Having carved a niche in this market working with a string of talented underground artists such as John Tejada, Sacha Robotti, Black Loops, Chee, Dauwd, Phase Fatale, Octo Octa, Third Son, Steve Lawler, Fred Everything and Rinzen.

Affordable courses offer real insight into how each product crafts its sound. Most of the content is based on music production and sound design. Many of the courses last about seven hours which gives you ample opportunity to get into the minds of the dance musicians.

How much does IO Music Academy cost?

Costs: Most courses are priced $47. It also provides Everything Package for $603 that includes everyone 92 courses available.

any thing else?

Yes. IO Music Academy is firmly committed to underground dance music. He puts them in good standing with the offensive team. With the option to go online or in person, in Los Angeles, and at a good price, it’s a great option if you’re a fan of Attack and are looking to take what you learn here to a new level.

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author Charlie Vostok
February 1, 2022

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