Add Variety To Your Drums With Audiomodern Playbeat 3

Audiomodern’s slick new updates may have just turned Playbeat into the only software random-sequence generator you need.

Randomization of patterns and plug-ins that offer this can often be a double-edged sword. On the upside, generating endless grooves that you would have otherwise had to program manually is made simpler than ever. On the downside, you can easily get carried away whilst clicking the random buttons repeatedly and forget to hit save. The updates Audiomodern have implemented in Playbeat 3 present an array of solutions to this very problem while introducing a new style of workflow for pattern randomization.

In this review, we’ll look at Playbeat 3’s key standout features including the game-changing auto-remix button, new windows for sampling, mixing and exporting, and a unique new preset management system.

Playbeat 3 At A Glance

At its core, Playbeat 3 (VST/VST, AU, AAX, iOS and standalone) is an eight-channel sequencer. The generator also includes advanced controls for randomization for each individual channel – or all channels at once. Randomizable parameters include Steps, Density, Pitch, Volume, Flam and Pan. You can see the main tab where there are dice buttons to the left of each of the parameters in the below picture.

The big red button at the top is the master randomizer. It randomizes all six at once and, if you have ‘ALL’ selected, the randomization will apply to all eight channels. This appears chaotic but the lock icon at the right of the channels allows you to disqualify channels from the reshuffling.

The sequencer alone is also quite powerful and allows for useful techniques such as setting separate timing, step count and swing values ​​for each channel.

Any audio file can be loaded into the eight channels and the new SAMPLE EDIT window lets you set sample start, end times and edit fades. The general volume of each sample’s channel can be set in the new MIXER window. Version 3 comes with a few hundred internal samples that you can also choose from.

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