All About Braving The Cold

The temperature was 35 degrees, according to the news I showed on TV around seven in the morning.

I would have woken up and done Wim Hof Breathing exercises, but only after a cup of coffee. Wim drinks coffee in the morning, but he breathes first.

Next, he gets into a tub of ice water and goes into deep meditation to manually regulate his body temperature, I believe. I will have to watch more of his videos.

The fact that our building went out of hot water for 4 days last week is one of those serendipitous coincidences that have befallen my practitioners. Law of Attraction. Before I went up to the lobby to complain and inquire about the water, I had decided to watch the rest Wim Hof The video you paused; The next thing he recommends is that people who don’t have big tubs full of ice can take a cold shower.

The idea behind the ice baths was simply mentioned by some qualified doctors through his videos Around wimvideos by noting that when jumping into an icy water body, the person’s entire focus becomes gasping for air; And suddenly all the worries and anxieties, such as “Did I put food on my dog’s plate before I left the house”, suddenly disappear?

Now, I have two fans sitting on the counter next to the stove that turn each burner to a level of about 3 out of 10, and the fan blows air from the stove to the rest of the apartment.

I’ve been able to make it happen all last winter this way, having only a month at most to do it. The maintenance team never came here to look at my heating and air unit, that year.

I applied for a job two weeks ago to be screened again. I suppose if you say Messi The building manager who was using a stove and fan to heat the place, the heating and air man might show up. I used to have the blueprints for this thing, since someone left them behind at one point; But I would have needed at least a voltmeter with ammeter and possibly a soldering device in order to fix it myself.

At least if the fan falls backwards and lands on the stove and starts to burn, the smoke alarms won’t go off; I tore them all out of their sockets because they were so sensitive I would go if I left a rice pan on the stove too long and started smoking.

Where there is smoke, there is Ire

This would require the fire department to attend, as per their regulations, which was a neck pain for all parties involved. On one occasion the firefighters reported that I “slept” with something on the stove; When I was actually in the other room and heard the sound of water boiling from the rice, but by the time I got to the pan the things on the bottom started smoking; And that was enough to turn off the alarms. It suffices to write about the violation of my lease, under the false accusation that I fell asleep. I think because the firefighters saw bottles of wine in the apartment, they made that assumption.

A plastic fan will make a lot of smoke and will burn very hot for a long time. Definitely enough to set fire to the wooden cabinets above. However, inhaling the smoke would be the real danger. But that’s why I run the fan on its lowest setting and stick the back of it against one of those cabinets.

I learned about burning plastic when I was homeless Saint Augustine And a madman who had a camping site near me was throwing huge plastic pallets on the fire during the winter, when the temperatures drop to almost freezing. His fires eventually dried up leaves in the canopy of trees 30 feet above his pit enough that one night he set fire to “the whole forest.” near Wayne Dixie They eventually calculated that they were losing a lot of money stealing plastic pallets.

I’m about to take a cold trip to the local area Wayne Dixie For water and juice, I think. Although I can practice guitar first…

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