Am Spending Time In The Cabin

It’s cold, but not so cold that I can hardly walk outside, even in a pair of shorts; If I were to follow the Wim Hof ​​method and start buying ice bags every morning, to fill my bathtub, add just enough liquid to cover my body, and then submerge myself in it for about 44 minutes a day.

I guess I’ll be there, busy in this current weather, if I were out of Wim Hof’s way. There will be money to be earned.

There is a certain function that statisticians know about; Especially those who use statistics to debunk some theories that are based on false assumptions, based on statistics.

In the case of the Wim Hof ​​method; You might think that jumping into a tub of ice every morning has great and positive effects on Wim’s students participating in the program.

But, the statistician might suppose that the kinds of people who immerse themselves in ice baths every morning as an extreme measure to improve their health, are not normal people; They may have something else to suit them. In other words, the same force that drives them into the ice bath may interfere with other areas of their lives; They may have the discipline to stay on a strict diet and force themselves outside to run x miles a day, etc.

So, the Wim Hof ​​method, which can help outwardly anyone boost their immune system, alkaline the bloodstream and treat their mental illnesses, ends up helping not everyone, but only those who have the will to do whatever it takes to become healthy. It may be said that these individuals already have a strong mind to begin with.

The scientific method to test Wim’s method is to grab a sick person who can never bring himself to get a tub of ice water on a cold morning when he’s already shivering upon awakening; And they just want a cup of hot chocolate and sit by a roaring fire to start their day; He physically attracted that person and threw him into the ice water against their will. They may hate you at first, and may even avoid you the next morning; But, if they develop a strong immune system; They will then refine the sample data used to determine the effectiveness of the WIM program.

The same variable comes into play when thinking about something like “generous people are generally happier” than stingy people. The same statisticians might guess that people’s generosity is a manifestation of their happiness, not that the act of generosity is what in turn makes them happy.

I didn’t want to rely on anyone else today, so, instead of going to the store with Dom, where he’d be the only one who would have the money, and would be able to use that as leverage, to buy the bankrupt person’s company and hang out with him pretty well for wanting something. from him ; I just decided to ride to Patrick’s house, where he’d been for two days since I last saw him; Half a gallon of milk, a dozen eggs, etc., you’ll run out.

This turned out to be a very good decision, over the decision to hang out with Dom all night, just hoping he would get drunk and stoned.

The night of 34 degrees was somewhat of a blessing to me, as I didn’t have to wonder if I should be there playing; I managed to sleep like a baby knowing I didn’t lose anything there; There wasn’t a group of tourists who wanted to sing all of American Pie and then pay a fifty dollar tip. The tourists were all inside, somewhere, just like me; So I was able to do guided meditations, breathing exercises and wake up feeling refreshed.

No need to spoil that with cheap whiskey dom.

Patrick is an interesting person, at least. He has a pet bird as well as half a dozen pet fish in a huge 90 gallon tank. So it is interesting.

He appears to be familiar with a variety of subjects; But it’s been polemical in the past, especially when I disagreed on one of them, and I once got angry after I started talking about an idea I had just come up with for a device that would allow hobbyists to run their own electric powered mini cars. Their plastic tracks in times that would be pioneers in the sport.

This essentially involved measuring how fast the little car could move around the corners, without flipping, and then putting the maximum speed mark on the little controller used by the racers, so that when kids (or a grown man like Patrick’s car) reached the corners of the track , he can set his joystick at a certain degree which will keep the speed as fast as possible to negotiate the turn.

Patrick got furious and accused me of trying to take all the fun out of the wonderful sport of electric Hot Wheel racing, or whatever he was referring to as a hobby that continues up to the big guys, as a hobby. Everyone has seen those black plastic tracks with grooves and electrical tapes.

But, Patrick was showing me a track he already owns, telling me that there are serious, competitive races with prize money, held at certain times and places, where people race in their little electric cars.

It only took me a while to wonder why no one ever tested the cars to see what their top speeds could be in overtaking corners and then set some kind of regulator into the joystick, so that anyone could use that to win races and prize money.

Patrick almost kicked me out of the house at the time. Why can’t I just leave an innocent hobby alone, why would I try to hack it with a high-tech improvement?

Well, because I remember racing those cars when I was 10 and how the thing that made fun of racing was that you had to be very careful not to flip your car around in the turns. If you knew exactly where to place the joystick so that your car was going full speed around the bend, without flipping, that would be very helpful, I was thinking.

Patrick seems more sensible, these days, if not perhaps more sober.

He still claims to have interrupted with Jim Morrison, bassist from Credence Clearwater Revival, and has several stories featuring famous people. It was a road, or something like that, for Sly And The Family Stone; And somehow he wandered with Doctor John, and he also ended up backstage at Stevie Ray Vaughan shows – the guy said sweating so much in those silk shirts he always wore, that he “smelly” after performing his show and backstage where Patrick was somehow there for his smell. .

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