Anfisa Letyago May 22 Chart

Top tracks for May from Anfisa Letyago featuring Durosai, nthng, Tom Place, Four Tet and more.

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Born in Siberia and raised in Italy, Anfisa Letyago has been reaching an ever-growing audience, establishing herself as one of the most influential DJs/producers within the electronic music industry. Her name shows in international festivals and venue line-ups, such as Ultra, Tomorrowland, Parklife, Rakastella, Sonar and more. Discographically, her releases can boast of the collaboration of labels such as Kompakt, Rekids, Drumcode and Deutsche Grammophon.

In 2021 Anfisa gave birth to N:S:DA, her own record label, marking a new step in her artistic career. The same year she released two EPs, Listen and Nisida, which explore the significant evolution of the electronic music sector. A 3-volume remix pack of these songs was released in 2022 in collaboration with 10 great electronic music artists. Also in 2022, the release of “Go”, the official remix of Moby, with the German label Deutsche Grammophon marks further growth in the path of Anfisa Letyago.

Anfisa Letyago’s Fear is the Mind Killer is available to buy and stream on Beatport.

Chart position: 1.


143 In My G37

Chart position: 2.

Anfisa Letyago

Nisida (Anfisa Letyago Remix)

Chart position: 3.


Some Clouds are Destined to Break (Original Mix)

Chart position: 4.

Tom Place

push u away (Original Mix)

Chart position: 5.


Go (Anfisa Letyago Remix)

Chart position: 6.

Cosmic Baby

Cosmic greets Florida

Chart position: 7.


Will U

Chart position: 8.

Four Tet

Parallel 2

Chart position: 9.


Horizon (Mikkel Rev ‘Motion’ Mix)

Chart position: 10.



Chart position: 11.

Anfisa Letyago


Chart position: 12.

John Tejada

Echoes Of Life

Chart position: 13.


Release It

Chart position: 14.

Alpha Tracks

Troubled Waters

Chart position: 15th.

Donato Dozzy


Chart position: 16.


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