Artists band together against HitPiece for allegedly listing their singles and album art as NFTs without permission

The NFT auction site in beta is causing quite a stir in the music world — for all the wrong reasons. Artists from all over the music world banded together to accuse HitPiece of listing shows for their music for big bucks without any permission.

Launched in December 2021, HitPiece has positioned its auctions as ways for fans to own “one of the NFTs” of their favorite songs, with the ability to get real-time experiences with said artists.

The listings, which were recently removed from the site, appear to be from NFTs related to music from an impressive array of artists from The Beatles and Billie Eilish, and even artists represented by smaller, independent labels. However, it appears that none of these artists have been informed.

Jacques Antonoff, Sadie Dupuy (from Speedy Ortiz), Kleping, Yv6 and Mona were just some of those who took to Twitter to criticize the platform this week.

“Hey you idiot @joinhitpiece, we don’t have any deal with you or any NFT site and there definitely looks like an active auction going on for a Speedy Ortiz song,” Dupuy wrote in one of her tweets denouncing the platform.

Watch a bunch of other messages below:

HitPiece has responded to the backlash in several ways. Its auction platform has been replaced by a landing page with a statement: “We’ve started the conversation and we’re listening.”

The platform released a statement on Twitter: “We’ve obviously struck a chord and are very keen on creating the perfect experience for music fans. To be clear, artists get paid when they sell digital goods on HitPiece. Like all beta products, we continue to listen to all user feedback and are committed to developing product to suit the needs of artists, brands and fans alike.”

According to Billboard, technology that allows artists and rights holders to receive compensation is still being built. A HitPiece representative told the publication, “The ability of artists or owners to pay is a function that HitPiece is developing, explaining that it “has not used or sold any copyrighted music without permission” and does not intend to.

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