Six of the best free drum machines

Physical drum machines are brilliantly tactic and can give you punchy percussion sounds that aren’t always immediately available in your DAW. However, there are plenty of plug-ins that can get you in the groove and shake up your workflow with functions that most hardware is simply not capable of achieving. We love the charm of … Read more

Universal Audio Opal Morphing synthesizer review: Analogue meets wavetable in UA’s new flagship soft synth

Universal Audio has dipped its toes into software instruments before with the Minimoog Model D and Ravel Piano that come with its DAW, Luna. But the California-based developer’s latest release sees the creation of an all-new synthesizer. In an effort to make Opal distinctive, UA has built the synth with an array of morphing parameters … Read more

Halftime Drops In The Style Of Nikki Nair

In this new Beat Dissected, we program a swung halftime-style drop in the style of Nikki Nair. In this article, we’re going to program a swung slow drop that can work well as a switch-up section for high-BPM tunes. The inspiration for the beat is Nikki Nair’s single “step 2”, released earlier this year. The … Read more

SCB May 22 Chart – Attack Magazine

Top ten for SCB featuring Glaskin, Jayson Wynters, Glaskin, Malwina and more. Follow SCB After an industrious 2021 that included a new mini-album with emerging vocalist DOMiNii, and a return to Aus Music with Talaria, Paul Rose (AKA Scuba) has kicked off 2022 with his first original SCB production in three years, “Hang Ten”. Landing … Read more

Enter To Win A Free $200 Blast Box

What is Blast Radio? Why should I use it? Read on to find out and enter to win a free $200 hardware device. If you’ve not yet heard about Blast Radio – it’s a new audio platform (a free mobile app) for community-driven radio. Or to use modern vernacular it’s ‘decentralised radio.’ In short, anyone … Read more