How Automobiles Are Like Dierrhea

It occurred to me, out of the blue to seek guidance in solving the procrastination problem which has beset me, to some degree, my whole life; but which seems to have become habitual the past few years. My acquaintance, Bobbyhad been telling me, beginning about 4 years ago, now, for example, that I should seek … Read more

Jason’s Trip – Where There’s Brass

Little Venice is the public face of the London canal system. It has been kept clear of residential moorings, something of a sore point with much of the live-aboard community who regard it as further evidence of the creeping gentrification of London’s waterways. This triangle of canal that connects the Regents canal to the Paddington … Read more

Indus and Pictor – Where There’s Brass

Perhaps the most commonly recurring feature of a winter on London’s waterways is to round a bend or rise up a lock and meet Indus and Pictor on their journeys. A pair of fuel boats, operated by a small group of extremely amiable Poles, forever on the roam, from Brentford and Uxbridge to Hertford and … Read more

Street Musician Daniel: Chickening Out

I’m chickening out, again, instead of going out to play. “Imagine there’s no heaven; it’s easy if you try…” While the White-breasted Nuthatch cries 11 pm from my singing bird clock, I sit here, wondering. Wondering if the palpable feeling of foreboding in my stomach is worse than it would be, were I pedaling towards … Read more

The Essex Coast – Where There’s Brass

When the sun shines unexpectedly and the English find themselves with a free day, the coast calls. For a Northwest man like myself, this means Blackpool, Morecambe, New Brighton, or even Rhyl. For the Londoner it might be Brighton, Broadstairs, Southend, or Clacton on Sea. Clacton called to me. I dreamed of returning to my … Read more

Blog Post Fueled By Squid

I have a beautiful stack of vinyl records. About a year ago, I came across a stack of boxed up Beethoven music that had been culled together by some heritage minded society and probably marketed through late night TV ads. Perhaps one box per month was sent to someone with the symphonies arriving one month … Read more

Shuffling The Order Of Things

I guess I will never give up. World War III can wait… “I have failed so many times; that’s why I succeed,” is a quote I read just yesterday. Yesterday I had gone down to Whole Foods to see if they had any creatine monohydrate in the powdered form, which they didn’t. There also hadn’t … Read more