Cody Fry Brings Pop Music Symphony to Your Earbuds

Cody Fry’s music is both familiar and surprisingly original. The Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and composer debuted in 2012 with his debut album Audio: cinema. Now, a decade later, Fry’s music has continued to evolve in ways that Fry might not have anticipated.

This year, Fry’s 2017 song “I Hear A Symphony” went viral on TikTok and sent the artist’s Spotify streams to millions. “The way I describe TikTok is that it is social media’s equivalent of a nuclear bomb,” Fry told the American songwriter. “When he’s about to blow, you better get out of the way. I’ve really never experienced anything like this in my career. The speed with which you can push things into manliness is amazing.

“It wasn’t my intention to go viral on TikTok, it kind of happened, and the way it’s translated into streaming numbers for me has been a huge boon to my career. So I think TikTok is really amazing. I also love how weird it is. People seem to express themselves in very real ways, while I feel like other social networks have this shining mask on, and that’s my branding I put it first. TikTok is so weird, I just love it,” he concludes.

The sudden reaction to the song “I Hear A Symphony” was amazing and also encouraging for the artist. Frey was involved in music all his life (his father was an orchestral composer and jingle writer). Now, it looks like he’s been discovering another dimension in the music world that could take his career to the next level.

Therefore, on January 21, Fry released his latest album titled Symphony sessions. The record combines high polished drama to coordinate with effervescent elements of pop music to create an irresistible sonic adventure.

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“Based on the huge success of ‘I Hear A Symphony’, I wanted to introduce more music in the orchestral genre to my new fans. So I thought I needed to create a project that would give me a way to create more music like that. That’s how Symphony sessions Fry says. “It’s a mixture of new harmonies of some old songs, some newer songs, and then a cover of ‘Eleanor Rigby’ and a collaboration with my friend Ben Rector. It was all things that I wanted to do, but this success and the need to attract these new fans to my music. is what prompted me to pull the trigger when creating Symphony sessions. “

The collection of songs is simply wonderful and delicious. And when it came to deciding which songs to record, each track was chosen with incredible intent. For example, the cover of “Eleanor Rigby” appeared on Fry’s radar years ago.

“It was first introduced to me in sixth grade,” Fry explains. “We had to do a project called The Lyric Project where we had to analyze a popular song and determine the meaning of the lyrics. I was hired as Eleanor Rigby, so the song always had a special place in my mind. While I was living in the shadow of the pandemic, it was necessary, Ah, look at all the lonely peopleKeep coming to me. And I thought this could be a really great way to get people together to make music during the pandemic. So I made the arrangement of the orchestra, and also decided that I wanted to use a choir.

“Obviously the choirs weren’t meeting at this point, so I decided to involve my fans and say, ‘Hey, if you want to be part of the choir experience, send me your files, and I’ll collect them,'” and so we created this virtual chair that is part of the cover “Eleanor Rigby.” The production process was incredibly fun. We recorded a huge orchestra at Ocean Way Studios in Nashville. It was a pleasure getting us all together,” he says.

Another recorded song, “Underground,” holds a special place in Fry’s musician mind. “It’s about someone hitting a train but it’s actually about life, realizing how wonderful life and love can be. The metaphor used in this case is being hit by a train,” says Frey.

He continues, “I think the combination of ‘caves’ and ‘underground’ is one of my all-time favorites. I think the ‘Underground’ format, the way it grows, the little arranging techniques I’ve used to express the lyrics… It was a moment Really proud of me. It just felt like it all came together in a way that was really lucky. Sometimes things come together really well, and with this arrangement of “Underground”, that’s what happened.”

listen fully Symphony sessions, less.

Photo courtesy of Missing Pieces Collection.


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