Col Lawton May 22 Chart

Top ten for May from Col Lawton featuring Melanie Williams, Simon Adams, V77NNY, Corsica One and more.

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Col Lawton is a product of the vibrant music scene of Newcastle upon Tyne, which sees all kinds of music sit comfortably alongside each other. This chart selection explores various musical styles that are evident in the music that Col produces, where he stretches the boundaries of what is possible in house music.

As a co-owner of Deep Fix Recordings, along with Wez Hall and Robbie Robinson, he has crafted a career that demonstrates an evolving ability to produce music that is both authentic and addictive.

Col entered the musical production space in 2017, concentrating initially on producing sumptuous deep house. This led to releases on Broken Records, King Street Sounds, Moiss Music, the Atjazz Record Company and so many more. He has worked with notable and recognised artists such as Glass Slipper, Da Funk Junkies, Ricky Montana and most recently with ‘The Originator of House Music’, Jesse Saunders on ‘It’s OK’. Col was selected by Jesse to feature on the remix package with luminaries such as Mike Dunn, Thommy Davis and himself.

Built from the legacy of those that have gone before him, Col Lawton has become a talent that will forever be a feature of the house music community and whose music will influence generations to come.

Col Lawton’s TWENTY2.2 (The Future) LP is available to stream and buy on Traxsource.

Chart position: 1.

Col Lawton


Chart position: 2.

Neil Smallridge, Melanie Williams

Trouble (Dub)

Chart position: 3.

Simon Adams

Blue Shoes

Chart position: 4.

George Cynamon

Another Way

Chart position: 5.

Col Lawton


Chart position: 6.


NYC Fresh

Chart position: 7.

Demarkus Lewis

On My Mind

Chart position: 8.

Kevin Yost

Messing with My Soul (Saison Remix)

Chart position: 9.

Corsica One

Trying (Miguel Migs Salty Love Dub)

Chart position: 10.

Richard Gray, Eddie Pay

Get up Like a Sex Machine


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