Dam swindle June 22 Chart

Top ten for June from Dam Swindle featuring East Coast Love Affair, Orlando Voorn, Amy Dabbs, Space Ghost and more.

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It was in 2011 that Dutch pair Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets quickly broke through in the electronic music scene. Since then, they have become known for their widescreen approach to making and playing club-ready grooves.

From deep to disco, tech to soul, they join the dots between the past and the present with their own sense of storytelling and do so in clubs around the world, as well as in their own studio. House might be the root of the Dam Swindle sound, but it takes nourishment from a much wider world of music.

Since 2013, the pair have also established their own Heist Recordings, as a well-respected label that is home to the majority of their own originals, though other underground mainstays such as Aus Music and Classic Music Company have also come calling. Heist is more than just a label though, it is a breeding ground for talents old and new; it’s a place where talent is nurtured and allowed to develop.

Label showcases and special projects such as the yearly Roundup EP, where all artists from the past 12 months remix each other after a random selection process, furthering the family vibe and helping Heist stand out from the crowd.

Artists such as Nebraska, Orlando VoornKassian, Demuir, Makèz, ​​Max Graef, Adryiano, Pépé Bradock, Nachtbraker, Matthew Herbert, Ge-Ology, Byron the Aquarius and many more have all contributed, providing that it is a place for unrestrained creatives to be free with their own sonic visions. The label looks as good as it sounds too, thanks to visual artist Bas Koopmans’s standout artwork designs.

Dam Swindle’s ‘Keep On Swindling Pt.1’ EP is available to buy and stream on Traxsource.

Chart position: 1.

Dam Swindle

Body Control

Chart position: 2.

East Coast Love affair


Chart position: 3.

Orlando Voorn


Chart position: 4.

Amy Dabbs


Chart position: 5.

La Compagnie Creole

AIÉ (The LL club mix)

Chart position: 6.

Space Ghost

Emotional Healer (Space Ghost Dance mix)

Chart position: 7.

Casbah 73

Pale Splash of Blue

Chart position: 8.

Tone Control

Illusion (Theo’s SS Translation)

Chart position: 9.

Make A Dance

I Need Somebody

Chart position: 10.

Mpharanyana & The Peddlers

Disco (Jamie 3:26 Extended Edit)

Chart position: 11.


Discosaurs vol 1 – Untitled A1

Chart position: 12.


Something On My Mind

Chart position: 13.

Josh Caffe

Do You Want To Take Me Home? (Steffi & Virginia Remix)

Chart position: 14.

Underground System

Into The Fire

Chart position: 15th.

Flame N’ King & The Bold O

Aint Nobody Jivein


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