How Can I Doubt A Guy Born With Rotten Teeth?

I got home at 9:12 pm – the exact time I used to leave on the trolley most nights to go play at the Lilly Pad.

This was after having gotten what should be a pretty good can of tuna for Harold at the Ideal Marketwhich is painted yellow outside, and run by an apparently all Hispanic crew.

To answer a most pressing inquiry of mine…

The cashier, a young kind of round faced brown eyed and skinned girl with long straight hair, whom I would have to guess could be traced to Central Americawas very positive and, after I asked her to take back an energy drink which had rung up as a cash sale and not been funded by the food card, “I guess ’cause it’s zero calories, it’s not considered food,” i had said , which made her smile.

Then, when I produced the food card while saying: “I need to save my $2.89 (the energy drink cost) for tomorrow…” she smiled and nodded, as if admiring my fiscal acumen.

For it is true, had I spent cash on the drink, I would absolutely have to ride my bike back to the dental place, which took me approximately 50 minutes to do this morning.

That means that, even using a rough average speed of 11 miles per hour; (which is 2 mph slower than what I have averaged on a bike my whole life) the dental place is about a 9 mile ride from here.

On the way back, I had smartened up a bit. Having seen in retrospect that I had basically taken a right turn shaped route that took 50 minutes; I took off in the direction of where I guessed Sacred Heart to be, as the crow flies. I shaved a lot of time off the trip, so making my 2 o’ clock appointment there tomorrow is less of a daunting task.

The 3 day now fast has weakened me a bit, such as when, on the ride back from the dental place, I stopped at the big Rouses Market and bought a carrot based drink, that I sipped as I rode to keep me going.

I still kept having the recurring thought of: “How am I going to bring myself to the Lilly Pad and play music in just a few hours, after doing almost 20 miles on a bike, on the third day of a juice and water only fast*

*There are those who call a juice fast “a juice feast,” and they have an argument, because the hardcore key-toe-sis that the body goes into by day 4 of a water only fast will technically never come while “living” on juice. But I suppose that is debatable; will the body start living off its own fat while it has a glass of apple juice every so often to fuel the brain? Doesn’t the brain run off fat? I haven’t actually searched for info on the biochemistry of juice vs. water.

(side note: This Blogger editor, provided by the search engine that is named after the term for a one with a million zeroes after it; draws a squiggly line under the correctly spelled key-toe-sis word, which means, in my conspiracy aware head, that, along with other terms for things that could take money out of the pockets of drug companies -water and juice fasts being not squiggled under in red when mentioned; but a word such as the “k” word that refers to science that, if the average citizen were to become aware of the implications derived there from, might have multitudes of people curing their diseases through fasting. And so the “k” word is squiggled out and, in the old days would be flagged and reported to ultimately a human being who would shadow ban the blog; so that a throttle would be put upon how available to the general public this blog, that talks about the body burning its own fat during a fast, then turning to cancerous tumors for sustenance when that runs out, would be.

But, that has already happened to this blog. I can think of it as having a small audience have the secret code to get to this blog; from having had it before the shadow banning happened.

The shadow banning means that anyone in the world can put “blogs about street music played by guy’s named Daniel” in a search box and they will be returned results for websites about exactly that, unless that website is disseminating misinformation on any of a whole gamut of topics.

Ironically this means that I can just about write anything I want; I have free speech; because the algorithm has already closed the gate to the internet writ large.

The reason I bother (excuse the pun) if one post a week can be considered bothering, is that I intend to double cross “them” by switching this whole blog in the hopefully near future, to another platform; one which will not be under the control of anyone not nice, like Elon Musk is.

Then this blog will become unfettered, like Forest Gump….

Then all my misinformation, like about having apparently kicked down an infection using Wim Hof breathing exercises, juice fasting, acupressure, hot compresses at the sight of the infection, and imagining myself as a person who does not have any bacteria multiplying under his skin; and even imagining a white light, well more like a lightning shade of white, with a tinge of electric blue-green streaming into my forehead with each breath I take -shining in through an aperture which has opened to the universe at the crown of my head; and having that light shine through me, cleansing and infusing every cell with positive energy; killing bacteria in the process, and then exiting through my toes, after having pushed the negativity out through them; can once again go out to the whole world; as long as everyone starts using a different search engine than Google…unless Elon buys that too, and does away with the shadow banning).

Anatomy of a Shadow Ban

Case in point: I took some kind of circuitous route to a podcast of an interview of Linda Ronstadt. I guess I had fooled the algorithm into thinking I belonged in “the other” echo chamber; perhaps because I had watched enough Linda related stuff to tip some balance somewhere.

It was done during the Trump administration; and Linda‘s once angelic speaking voice (and you should have heard her sing!) was a bit cracked and strained; already ravaged by whatever disease she has.

But, at one point she started talking about the horrors that particular president had inflicted upon immigrants who arrived at the southern US border; in the form of separating parents from children. Linda mentioned how cruel this was and how horrified she would be if separated from even her niece.

Then it occurred to me that I had never gotten that information, or “narrative,” if you will. Not at all.

I had just never heard that, sitting here in Louisiana getting stuff off a Google server in Texas. I had never been fed that by the algorithm.

Every source that I would scroll through had clips of Trump explaining that, in the cases of these separations, these “parents” had been determined to be human smugglers and not mommy and daddy at all. When the adults and children are told that they are going to be separated, and given a chance to say goodbye; it’s probably pretty easy to tell; like when King Solomonor one of those guy’s, was poised to divide a baby in half in order to settle a custody dispute between two women who each claimed to be the mother.

I think professionals are good at determining which are the actual families; by the tears and the hugs; and which are the endangered kids in the hands of cartel members, by the fears and the thugs.

And so, I was never given any different narrative; and had to learn from Linda Ronstadt that there was even anyone out there who believed any differently. That kind of explains why I’ve heard that internet connectivity is so spotty and slow in certain places; There is probably a lot of data being throttled and a lot of filters that stuff has to go through. This blog needs to be filtered out, for example, which requires that many more nanoseconds of processor time, down at Google Central..

Elon can’t act soon enough. There is a faction at work trying to divide the US into two warring tribes. We “Musk” do something (groan, I know). OK, end of soapbox speech.

Back To The Tooth…

So I did all of the do-it-myself home toothache remedies that I told the dental people about, with the meditation being done under the guidance of a young Asian lady on my laptop’s screen, sitting in the lotus position, with amazing breasts.

The infection does seem to be receding; but I do still have the appointment in another 15 hours, and I think it wouldn’t be honorable to blow it off after I felt that the hearts of the staff at Exceptional Dental melted a bit and they warmed toward me, as I spilled my guts about being a street musician “I think, if God wants me to have the tooth pulled, I’ll get a hundred dollar tip tonight; but that being said, I might have just jinxed it; and I can’t count on having the 27 bucks for the checkup, even; and, to tell you the truth, if I just made 27 bucks, I would get some cat food, and…”

There was a black lady, who was wearing a mask, but looking very “African” in her manner of dress. It was by her direction that “spiritual health” had been added to the words on the front window of the place, to go with x-rays, root canals and other more temporal areas of “health.” I am guessing that, based upon her vibe (Her eyes had lightened up after I told her that I had been doing the Wim Hof breathing exercises) and the colors that she was wearing in a kind of wrap around garment that was earth tones, mixed with the kind of colors that appear on inner city murals that are promoting peace and harmony, type of thing.

There was a slightly older lady sitting down behind a computer, who had initially asked me; as if by reflex; if I wanted an appointment. The black lady seemed to be the one absorbing my whole story, except for the part about the breasts of the meditation guide lady; While the one behind the computer looked at her fingernails.

But, I could really sense that they were trying to bend over backwards a bit to come up with a way that I could basically have a tooth pulled, using only a Healthy Blue Medicaid card to affect the action. “I haven’t asked my mom for money in….” I was in the middle of saying, when the black lady turned and yelled to an unseen person in the back, inquiring about a Doctor Foster. After getting some kind of reply, she asked me if I could come in at 2 o’ clock (14 hours from now) and that I would be able to be seen by this Doctor Fosterwhom I was told had some sort of link to the Medicaid system and would be able to look at the tooth, tell that it was infected, x-ray it, and then pull it out, all at no cost to me.

I was telling some of this to Patrickwhom I dropped in on, on the way back and later found to be quite the expert on the very subject:

“I was born with rotten baby teeth; I had an abscess every two weeks; they used to give me tea bags to place against them and draw the poisons out; tea bags will do that…”

“Just black tea?”

“No, it’s a blend…”

He then told me that what was really going on was that the dental place technically has to honor medicaid and treat you; but they will try their darnedest to get as much cash out of you as possible; with I guess the $29 special for exam and x-rays being the introductory offer.

the reason, Patrick said, was that the dental place will have to wait something like a year or more in order to get paid by Medicaid; it’s backed up, it’s slow; it’s no surprise, I thought. How can I doubt someone who was born with rotten teeth?

So, this particular Doctor Foster sounds to me like kind of a speculator; willing to sow seeds that he will reap later on. If he can charge medicaid say, 3 times as much as the $29 special that I was offered, then 3 birds in the bush are still worth more than one in the hand. Even with Biden‘s projected 5% rise in inflation, or whatever “they” are saying, over the next year; A 300% return on investment in one year (or maybe a little more) is better than a sharp stick in the eye.

And, so I admire Doctor Foster for that display of fiscal acumen. Which is why I was amused by how it came full circle with the Ideal Market cashier smiling in approval after I had told her I didn’t want to pay out of my cash for the Monster drink; “because I need the money for tomorrow.”

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