I Speak Machine Expels Addiction on “The Metal of My Hell,” Off Forthcoming Debut Album ‘War’

In 2019, Tara Bush has been fighting her own battles indoors. In Sobriety, the singer-songwriter, also known as I Speak Machine, was paralyzed by addiction but wanted to sit with her and set her on fire and watch it burn before her eyes. The image in her head is documented with a frenzy of tension for her upcoming album, The Metal of My Hell, war, From the 29th of April.

The lyrics express how I feel imprisoned for addiction and trying to fight for myself,” Bush told the American songwriter. “Exhaustion of it all, trying to stop over and over, but also the dissonance that happens all the time while craving a bottle of wine.”

barking, burning witch / burning whore, These are the only lines on the entire album, says Bush, that truly capture her fantasy of setting her demons on fire and “burning them at the stake.”

“It’s a moment of rage, trying to break out of the dungeon of addiction, but after so many years, you don’t have quite the right switch,” Busch says. “Over time, I realized that it is also about owning and accepting that bitch [addiction] Face to face, and sit with him without fear. I’ve never done that [since] He was always just this huge beast.”

She adds, “I got to where I figuratively wanted to turn on ugly fluorescent lights, spit gasoline in the face of addiction, set it on fire and really sit with it, and watch and feel it burn, rather than denying it or seeing it as such an indomitable beast. This song helped me know all the that “.

Directing more unrestrained singers like Jim Morrison, Faith No More, Mr. Bungle’s Mike Patton and top blower X-Ray Spex’s Poly Styrene Busch at finding the core of the track. “It helped me tap into more of the louder roughness, with the yelling and yelling, the low-key singing that felt the strongest, and most importantly, dropping inhibitions and judgments,” Bush shares. “It’s a violent tune about being suffocated by addiction from the inside out and facing it. I also love Dean [Dean Honer] Drums on this… reminds me of David Bowie from the “Low” era when they used the H910 Harmonizer – a lot of trampling. “

Follow-up to the album I Speak Machine Zombies 1985 In 2017, the first unrecorded album of Bush since then Belvershire Lynn (as Tara Bush) in 2012, war It was produced and recorded by Busch and Dean Honer, who also mixed the album at The Bowling Green Studios, Sheffield, England. The album and tracks co-written with Kendra Frost, who also shares backing vocals, and Concrete Blonde’s Jonette Napolitano. war It is a continuation of the audiovisual experience that Busch began with I Speak Machine in 2013. Inspired after recording a short horror film, The Silence, music, visuals, and addiction to ancient synthesizers and other tools are forever intertwined through Zombies 1985.

Together with film director Muff Lewis, in the “The Metal of My Hell” video, Busch strapped a snorricam to her body and ran the “pointed crown and belt” banners up and down hiking trails in Griffith Park, and across concrete flats along the Los Angeles River , while its temperature was 98 degrees.

“It sounds challenging, but it was incredibly fun and exhilarating,” Busch says of the video. “I felt inspired, excited, and connected to something new, and I’m so grateful to be there. I feel like it’s the first time since being in a group as a girl that I really felt like I was performing uninhibited. I can’t wait to see what happens living with it.”

refers to “my heart metal” war It’s Busch’s most revealing piece of music to date, a life story since she burned addictions away, leaving embers behind. influenced by the previous administration and its cronies, war Four years in the making, allowing Bush to reach deeper ends, and propel herself into a new place, both musically and lyrically.

“[There were] Many levels of war take place during the recording,” says Bush. “This album has been immersed in some really dark things in my life, which I felt could have been minimized and put into perspective a little bit if I sang about it. It’s kind of like highlighting a monster, realizing it’s just a puppet.”

Bush adds, “I wanted to do something that was only through my eyes and not from anyone else’s perspective. The big thing was just trying not to care, to get rid of inhibitions. And I wanted to scream my head a little too.”

I Speak Machine is set for a tour war With Gary Nauman, from February 23 through April 4. Tour dates can be found here.

Photo: Muff Lewis


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