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April 06, 2022

The principal conductor of Teatro Comunale Bologna has been forced to withdraw from its next production due to exhaustion brought on by the Russian invasion of her country, Ukraine.

Oksana writes:
Thank you to the mayor of the city of Bologna Matteo Lepore, General Director of Teatro Comunale Bologna – Fulvio Macciardi , and the whole team for helping and supporting Ukraine in such difficult times. Thank you to the German conductor Michael Guettler for agreeing to replace me urgently due to deteriorating health and acute back pain, which (prevents) the continuation of the conduct and my performance in the upcoming scheduled concerts.

War injures everyone and every day a state of moral and physical exhaustion also breeds a feeling of powerlessness, aggression and anger. It is very important for all of us – in Ukraine and abroad – to be able to gather, consolidate all efforts to fight the enemy and communicate with the world about Ukraine as a state, in the future of a full-time member of the EU , who is fighting now for democracy and own freedom In.

I thank Міністерство культури та інформаційної політики України and Ukrainian Institute – Український інститут during the fact that two days ago in the cultural activities of Ukrainian institutions were put out on the Ukraine
I urge the state authorities of Ukraine to communicate this in a timely manner through the Embassy and Consulate of Ukraine in different countries of the world, so that foreign ministries of culture and state institutions can take this into consideration when planning their events dedicated to Ukraine and , or with engaged Ukrainian performers.

I wish success to all participants of tomorrow’s concert, and again thank the theater management for complementing the concert program and official press releases sent to the international press information about the Ukrainian Cossack roots of Tchaikovsky and its connection with our culture.

In the background of the tragedy with mass disposition in Kyiv region, atrocities committed by the Russian army, brutal murders of children and intentional destruction of architectural monument, in particular the museum of composer in Trostyanc, such a program only emphasizes the scale of politics čnoí ,, spiritual and social disaster that is happening now in the eyes of the world.
The special thing in the concert will be that it will be held in the light of the Annunciation holiday, which will be celebrated in Ukraine according to the Julian calendar.

And exactly on this day comes the 40th day, as the Ukrainian composer, the sister of the composer Bohdana Frolyak, creator of extraordinary spiritual works – Hannah Gavrilets.

Thank you to the team of the Municipal Theater of Bologna, that agreed for a record short term, to prepare the work “Stabat Mater” to perform. What is especially pleasant is that the concert will be broadcast on Italian state radio and a true masterpiece – the extraordinary spiritual composition of Hannah Gavrilets will sound for a wide circle of Italian listeners.

In addition to this topic, I want to express my concern that more and more information about persecution and threats by compatriots to Ukrainian artists who officially work on contracts of State cultural institutions of other countries, or what on current stay abroad and participate in events together with Russian artists who took an antiputinsʹku position, gets into the international media.

I would like to emphasize that the categorization in actions and judgments that we allow ourselves to apply on the territory of Ukraine can not always be acceptable in the territory and in the field of information of other countries, in which their own laws on rights and freedoms apply and people regulated by their Constitution. Such actions can greatly damage the international image of Ukraine – what would be unacceptable in such a situation.

I urge all of us to be responsible for our actions and speeches, because it is now very important – to bring to the world humane, spiritual, pro-European, democratic values ​​of the Ukrainian nation, which is now under the watchful attention of the world – these are the values ​​nostrils that are radically different from imperialist, dictatorial, violent, manipulative and anti-human actions of modern Russia.

Our sacred duty is to do everything possible to end the war as soon as possible.

I thank Italy for supporting and helping our compatriots who are now forced to leave their homes. Thank you to the residents of the city of Bologna for organized rallies and actions to support Ukraine.
Thank you to the President of Italy Sergio Mattarella for the honor of personal acquaintance and speech about the situation in Ukraine in Palazzo Quirinale in Rome.
I urge the governments of all states to do their best to stop the tragedy of the genocide of the Ukrainian people, which is currently happening in the eyes of the world.
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