Mark Lanegan Remembered by Friends, Family and Collaborators

As American Songwriter reported on Tuesday (Feb. 22), famed grunge singer Mark Lanegan passed away at the age of 57.

The legendary singer was remembered throughout the day by friends, family, and collaborators.

On Facebook, Lanegan’s longtime bandmate Barrett Martin wrote: “Our beloved brother, collaborator, and fellow pirate has passed into the spirit world today. Mark Lanegan is moving swiftly through the realms now, so let us praise his greatness, his talent, and his humanness. He can still hear us.

“After almost two decades going around the world in the Screaming Trees, we all became brothers in a way that is different from any other kind of brother. Mark was full of contradictions to be sure, but how else could he be, when he was destined to sing the blues? Only those who understand the darkness of humanity can also sing about its light, and Mark could sing both sides, superbly. Because of that contradiction, we understood Mark in a way that only a literal band of brothers can understand, because we saw it all, firsthand, together, in those decades on the road and in the studio.

“Mark had a voice for the ages, truly one of the great American vocalists of all time. Critics often claimed that his voice came from whiskey-drinking, but Mark sang like that when he was young and sober, an ancient voice planted inside a young man’s body. By the way, we never saw Mark touch a drop of whiskey – gin ​​& tonic was his preferred drink and a lot of cigarettes. The critics never get it right.

“We often joked after the band broke up in June of 2000 that we could finally be friends, now that we weren’t in a band anymore. And friends we were, albeit from a distance, and mostly through emails and the occasional phone call. Mark’s tell-all book, “Sing Backwards And Weep” rubbed many the wrong way, but after the initial shock wore off, we all made peace and laughed at Mark’s wry sense of humor and great storytelling style. Mark had the ability to tell the most horrific of stories, yet have you chuckling out loud as he spun the yarn to its conclusion. He had that sharp wit that all great writers have because he also had a keen view into the hearts of people—and he showed us the full spectrum of humanity.

“It’s only appropriate that Mark would pass away in his adopted homeland of Ireland, where he was proud of his Irish roots – and his red hair. And actually, all of the Screaming Trees have Irish roots in our families, so we’re all there with him, as he goes back into the Earth.

In Mark’s final book, ‘Devil In A Coma’ he made a closing statement that is as timeless as anything written by any Zen master a thousand years ago. I think it’s best if I end with Mark’s own words: ‘
The watcher
And the observed are
The same
Good and evil
Are the
Flip side of
The same mirror
And All Is love
All Is God’

Iggy Pop:

“MESSAGE FROM IGGY: Mark Lanegan, RIP, deepest respect for you. Your fan, Iggy Pop”

John Cale:

“I can’t process this. Mark Lanegan will always be etched in my heart – as he surely touched so many with his genuine self, no matter the cost, true to the end. xx jc”

Mark Pickerel:

“I hope the angels are taking good care of you today @marklanegan

Peter Hook:

“Mark Lanegan was a lovely man. He led a wild life that some of us could only dream of. He leaves us with fantastic words and music! Thank god that through all of that he will live forever. RIP Mark. Sleep well. Love Hooky. X”

Badly Drawn Boy:

“Hearing about Mark Lanegan passing away has properly stopped me in my tracks. I’m absolutely gutted. Met him on a couple of occasions and I was nervous because I loved him so much. He was a perfect gentleman, really kind. One of the great singers of the last 30 years. So sad”

Tim Burgess:

“Oh no. Terrible news that Mark Lanegan has left us. Safe travels man – you’ll be missed”

Record label, Light in the Attic:

“Incredibly shattered hearing the news that one of the truly great singers and songwriters, Mark Lanegan, has just passed. What a voice. Speechless.”

Hall of Fame DJ, Marco Collins:

“WTF?! Not expecting this news. I’m wrecked. 57?! Fuck that”

Rob Delaney:

“I love you Mark Lanegan. A colossal, spectacular body of work. These are all him? How?”

Cold Cave:

“I love you. Rest In Peace Mark Lanegan, my brother. No words. Heartbroken.”

Mark Morton:

“I am so profoundly grateful to have had the chance to make music & become friends with Mark Lanegan. Few artists ever achieve the level of honesty & authenticity that he did. He was absolutely brilliant. Godspeed my friend.”


“Terribly saddened to hear the news of the passing of Mark Lanegan. A very gifted artist blessed with honey dipped tones, gone far too soon.”

Nadine Shah:

“My brother, my mentor, my pen pal, my great friend. I can’t believe you’re gone my friend. I love you Mark Lanegan. And I thank him for everything, for our friendship and the inspiration. I loved him so much. He was the greatest. The very best of us xx”

Donal Log:

“I consider myself so fortunate to have been friends with Mark Lanegan. What a beautiful, deep, and brilliant soul. Thank you, Greg Dulli, for introducing us. We got on like a house on fire, just like you knew we would. Love to Shelley and all of Mark’s friends. This one cuts deep.”

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