New Music Friday! Check Out New Songs from Dionne Warwick, Leon Bridges, Ann Wilson, Billy Strings, Molly Tuttle, and More!

Welcome back to our ongoing series where we share with you some of our favorite songs and music videos released this week.

In our latest release, check out ringtones for Leon Bridges, Debbie Gibson, Death Valley Girls, Dionne Warwick and much more.

1. On Tuesday (January 18), Khruangbin & Leon Bridges dropped their latest single, “Chocolate Hills”, which portends a new album, Texas Moon, Feb. 18. Check out the seamless path here below.

2. Also on Tuesday, famous pop star Debbie Gibson released a series of remixes of her song “One Step Closer”. Check out our SoundCloud collection below and get ready to dance your socks off!

3. The thought-provoking Seattle-Soul rapper released his latest single “In My Pocket”. The song listens to the golden age of hip-hop when the genre provided a window into their everyday minds, minds, and perspective on what’s going on around them. Oh, and the song is very catchy, too.

4. The Southern California band Death Valley Girls released their latest single “When I’m Free” earlier this week. The track has cheerful wiggling lyrics, super moon organs, and an overall sense of fun. We love Death Valley Girls.

5. Actress and musician Victoria Blade released her latest music video this week for the song “I Don’t Wanna Worry”. Blade, a talented singer and songwriter, was also a star in TV program WandaVision In 2021, he played the role of a business woman. Check out the new vid below.

6. This week, popular Americana band The Head and the Heart announced an upcoming tour in 2022. To celebrate this news, the band released their latest single today, “Every Shade of Blues,” which you can see below.

7. Everyone’s favorite Twitter personality and musician Auntie, Dionne Warwick, released her latest single this week, “Power In The Name,” featuring songwriter Krayzie Bone (from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony) and producer Nomad. Check out the hearty tune below.

8. The Seattle-born rock band Band of Horses released their latest single this week, “Lights”. The song is on the group’s upcoming LP, which will be released on March 4. Check out the rocker below.

9. In the history of rock, no two sounds are more important than those of Ann Wilson and Lyn Staley. So when Wilson covered the popular Alice in Chains song, “Rooster,” we have to take notice. What is the delivery.

10. Is there a better guitarist on the planet other than Billy Strings? The answer is no. Well, in order not to be distracted by the hierarchy, it is interesting to celebrate the artist with all his mastery of playing his instrument. So, let’s do that and check out the latest single and music video for “Love And Regret” below.

11. This week, Pedro the Lion (aka David Bazan) surprised fans by releasing an all-new album. Instead of giving a single here, let’s just enjoy the full 40 minute composition below from the brainy artist.

12. The beautiful Baltimore-born band Beach House released the latest chapter of songs from their highly anticipated LP earlier this week. paying off Once Twice The Melody: Chapter Three Below in all its shimmering splendor.

13. Valerie John released a new cover of Nick Drake’s song, “Pink Moon”. What a combination. Check out a delivery visualizer video here below from one of our favourites.

14. Today (January 21), the amazing six-stringed vocalist Molly Tuttle announced her new album, crooked treewhich is scheduled to be released on the first of April. To celebrate the news, the artist shared the unique song from the LP, which you can check out below.

Photo by Joshua Wilkins Black/Sachs & Co


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