New Song Friday! Hear New Tracks from Cautious Clay, Angel Olsen, Cat Power and More!

Hello! And welcome back to our Running Series where we share some of our favorite new releases from today (January 14) and all week long. Here, we are pleased to present an impressive selection of tunes by artists such as Cautious, Cat Power and Angel Olsen.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the music, shall we?

1. Cautious Clay, who has one of the best pure singing voices in all of music, has announced the deluxe release of his debut LP, Deadpan Love, which is set to drop on February 11 to celebrate the release, sharing one of several. New singles, “Rapture in Blue”, which you can see here below.

2. On Thursday (January 13), Angel Olsen released her latest single, “Something On Your Mind”, a cover of Karen Dalton’s 1971 version of the song written by Dino Valenti. The cover is part of an issue of Light in the Attic Records in honor of Dalton. Check it out here.

3. Cat Power, which is a genre of its own, has released a new covers album called covers. To celebrate the release, we wanted to share a subversive cover that Bauer did for one of her own songs. “Unhate” is a reimagined version of “Hate” from her 2006 LP, The Greatest. Check it out below and check out her new album next.

4. British band The Wombats also have a new LP today (January 14), Fix yourself, not the world. This morning the band released their latest video for their single LP, “This Car Drives All On Its Own,” which you can enjoy in all their silly festivities.

5. Passionate songwriter and performer Brittany Davis, who frequently collaborates with Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard (namely, Painted Shield), released a new single this week, “I Choose To Live.” Check it out below. (I also recently dropped the song “Madd.”)

6. Speaking of Emerald City, funk band The Dip has released their latest single, “When You Lose Someone,” which features head-swaying rhythms and vein-soaking guitars. Check out the new tune here below.

7. The Smiths co-founder Johnny Maar released a new single earlier this week, “Night and Day”. The track whispers and wiggles in your ears and settles there as if your lobes were hammocks. Listen to the new tune here below.

8. Austin, Texas-based rock band Spoon released a new single earlier this week, “Wild”. The song is from Spoon’s upcoming album, Lucifer on the sofa, which fans can search for on February 11. Check out the new song here below.

9. Australian singer Lady Clark has a new single today, “Made Me”, which you can check out below. The new song is smooth and baffling. And any first line about sleeping until noon makes us spot on. Remember those days? Clark fans can keep their eyes closed for a new LP in the not too distant future.

10. The Bobby Weir Wolf Bros., led by acclaimed Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir, shared their latest song “West LA Fadeaway” from the band’s upcoming album, Bobby Ware Wolf Bros.: Living in Colorado, which is due to drop on February 18. Check out the path below.

11. Celebrity rapper Corday released his latest LP Today (January 14), From A Bird’s Eye View, and one of the main singles is “Today” featuring Gunna. Check out all the skilled lyric poems below.

12. Celebrity pop-punk artist Avril Lavigne released her single on Friday (January 14), “Love It When You Hate Me” featuring a black bear. Take a look at the high-energy and stunning singer below from the former “Sk8er Boi” singer.

13. Alison Russell appeared in Late Show with Stephen Colbert Thursday night (January 13th) she performs her new song “Persephone” from her 2021 album outside the child And we just love her. Check out her performance on “Persephone” below.


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