New Song Friday! Hear New Tracks From Franz Ferdinand, Tank and the Bangas, Poo Bear, and More!

Hello and welcome back to our weekly series in which we share some of our favorite tracks hitting craft shelves and hitting the shelves this week.

In the latest release, we will dive into new tracks by artists such as Japanese Breakfast, Poo Bear, Tank, Bangas and many more.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Franz Ferdinand is back! And it’s not an early moment, is it? Rock band “Take Me Out” dropped the new single “Curious,” and it left us with a lot. Check out the disco-inspired song from Irish songwriters below and be on the lookout for a new compilation album on March 11th.

2. The beginning of an amazing solo career, former member of The Head and the Heart Josiah Johnson has released his latest thoughtful single, “Hello, Hello On Fire!” Check out the new song below from the expert writer.

3. Japanese indie rock band Breakfast released a cover of Yoko Ono’s “Nobody Sees Me Like You” earlier this week as a tribute to the misunderstood character in the Beatles lore. The new song features piano, gentle vocals, and plenty of history (which is still in the making).

4. Is there a more fun band in music today? Probably not. New Orlean’s Tank and the Bangas released the group’s latest single today, “No ID,” which is fun, pop, tarek, and whatever else is a proper current label. We love TATB!

5. Indie rock band Buzzy Pacific Northwest released a new video this week for their single “Fruit Flies.” It features the band’s signature distortion, creepy slow rhythms, and catchy glue stick vocals. Check it out below.

6. The gospel group “Devoted Men of Zion” has a sound mix like your favorite honey cake. It’s luxurious, sweet, and more gooey than ever. Check out the group’s latest single, “Lord Hold My Hand,” which the band released earlier this week.

7. The Smile, the latest side project from Radiohead members featuring Johnny Greenwood and Tom York, has released their latest frenetic solo music video for “The Smoke” which you can see below. It is hypnotic and fun.

8. Atlanta-based producer, entrepreneur and songwriter Bo Bear released a new live song and music video this week, “Distant Shore,” which you can put on to raise your heartbeat, spirits, or overall energy level. Check it out below (and try not to want to go to the beach yet!).

9. Songwriter, instrumentalist and entrepreneur Trixie Mattel released a new country single, “This Town” earlier this week. It’s an iconic, sad, dystopian track written and presented by an expert in creative expression. Check it out below.

10. This week FKA Twigs released a new album, Caprisong. And to celebrate this achievement, we wanted to feature the latest song from this record, “Jealousy,” which you can check out below in all its hip-shaking rhythms and pop renditions.

11. Today (28 January) Brent Cope released his latest gospel album, Now, let’s move on to the page … And to celebrate this release, the artist recently dropped a new song called “When My Time Comes,” which you can check out below.

12. Colombian songwriter and singer, Sebastian Yatra, has released his new 17-track LP dharma Today and with him a new video clip for his song of the same name. Check out the latest from the beat maker here below.

13. The Painted Shield Project featuring singer Mason Jennings and Stone Gossard for Pearl Jam, has announced a new album, colorful shield 2Which is scheduled to be released on April 22nd. Check out the band’s latest single, which they released today, “Dead Man’s Dream” here below.

14. Today, smooth vocalist Michael Buble announced his upcoming studio LP, higher, which is due to drop on March 25. The singer also celebrated the news by dropping his latest single, “I’ll Never Love You,” which you can check out here below.

15. Country singer Jordan Fletcher released his first single EP, real storiesAnd, today and alongside that came his latest single, “Firebird,” which you can hear in all its smooth vocal glory from the Nashville-based artist below.

16. Rick Ross announced a new brand Richer than I used to be The Deluxe Edition is now released! And to celebrate the news, he’s dropping a new song, “Little Havana,” featuring Willy Falcone and The Dream. Check out the new tune here below.

17. Our Lady of Peace has dropped her latest LP, Spiritual Machines 2, which is a sequel to her 2000 album, spiritual machines. To celebrate the news, take a look at the song “Run” below from the hard rock group.


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