One Is Too Many; Ten Aren’t Enough…

I get a negative SARS-CoV-2 antigen result

One of my favorite posts explained by Latif Alcoholics Anonymous People (post title).

Damn Swiss Rolls!

And so, on a 48-degree night I could handle it pretty well, and with 11 days of sobriety under my belt, I sat on the fence to get on the bus.

Will I run to unique market For a pint of brandy once the first $5 bill is pushed into my jar? Or do I just sit there and get lost in the intricacies of playing guitar and harmonica at the same time trying to remember the chords of a few songs, until an hour and a half has passed, and I take $58 out of a jar and stash it in my pocket, then spend only a few dollars Harold Food on the way home?

When I started what turned into 1,387 days without a drop of alcohol, there was a man named Jimwho was one of the artists who sold paintings nearby Jackson Square. He hung his work on the fence in front of Jesus watch (Right) In fact.

Jim It was very encouraging to me. I would walk by him almost every night and give him a thumbs up, saying something like: “17 days!”

And Jim He puts my thumbs up and says, “Good!”

Jim had something like a sober 13 years. He didn’t abandon me after I had 27 days, but then found an unopened bottle of Chivas Regal Scotch sits in a box on the sidewalk with other clues of the over festivities, like half an eaten cake and maybe a couple of plastic party hats.

I was picking up the bottle mainly because it was $35 and I could at least sell it pretty quickly for $20, I think. But later that night, I decided to try a sip of it; After all, Chivas Regal World class Scotch…

On my way home from Lilly Pad I passed Jim with my head down and a half full bottle of Chivas Regal in my backpack; No thumbs up that night. I started explaining the $35 unopened bottle, but Jim He shook his head and said something like: “Tomorrow is another day,” or maybe he dropped another one from AA. Sayings about me, such as: “Next time you think of drinking, don’t ask yourself ‘Do I want that drink?'” Instead ask yourself “Do I want to drink for the rest of my life?” Or one of those things people say AA.

Diet Concerns ‘Human Food’

Jim He used to tell me that it was impossible to quit on his own; And that I have to go to AA meetings, and even offered to move some plates in his truck to make room for me if I wanted to go to one with him. Apparently, he was still bringing them, even at a sober 13 years.

But I went 1,387 days; and used Jimwords as motivation. … beside the impossible, eh? Well, I’ll be one of those rare exceptions!

Jim may have said that because the Wim Hof ​​method did not appear at the time; It may not be close to ‘impossible’. snowman on your side. Plus, I was using a lot of meditation at the time, and in 2015 I had a stroke of luck to discover it kratom.

And I think that kratom Perhaps it was the universe’s way of rewarding me for my stack. In fact, I had doubts that it existed even before I found it; as if Uxi Doxy It emerged from the ether, evoking as a manifestation of my inner manifestation of thought. It was something I had never heard of, and was willing to believe that it never existed until the time I was ready for it to appear; As this world merged with the astral plane in this aspect. It has become an anti-alcohol for me.

My life improved in all respects during the first six months of sobriety; But then I reached a kind of plateau. It is now possible to have a normal day even without drinking. Then I gave up High fructose corn syrup It was in 3 or 4 “energy” drinks that replaced the bottle of wine by my side in Lily Bad. It lifted me to another level after about 3 months. That was when I found out kratom.

kratom It helped me focus my thoughts (I thought it might be the Ritalin I didn’t have when I was a kid) and I even saw a marked improvement in my musical ability. I also brought my friend Yacoub In my life (something the jury is still out on the utility; but that’s another post entirely).

The only question now is whether the neural pathways I forged through this focused and intense play became engraved in my physiology, and yet none existed kratom For the past 11 days, to keep up not to drink; I tend to think that’s the case. It’s as if I’ve learned how to think differently and now that I’ve learned my lesson, I’m able to graduate from kratom The school.

Tomorrow will be 12 sober days, and the fourth day of juice fasting; Which should only move into the water quickly, as long as your breathing exercises, with a good 8 hours sleep and 45 minutes of sunlight and, God willing, taking an ice bath every morning, will be all I need to move on to the next plateau.

It’s time for three more rounds of wim, Then I go to sleep. I hope I can install the song “another day,” by Paul McCartney Before going out to play tomorrow. This is LaylaMy favorite song and I can think of no sign that I’m on the right track than if she should walk towards me, and I could play it to her. After I showed her the negative SARS-CoV-2 antigen test result card, of course. That would be complete as far as life gets.

“I bite off more than I can chew, then chew as fast as I can” -The actor who played Crocodile DandyFrom some of the interviews I read.

I seem destined to go out every night feeling “unfinished” to be prepared. Why couldn’t I learn a couple more Neil Young Songs, until I have 5 of them in repertoire, should I have seen the other side of that fence, and gone out tonight? This particular bug has appeared in the news recently, and is already the fifth most requested artist by tourists who come before Lily Bad.

the “The Beatles’ Full Score” book, I need to search and find all the songs that fit the keys of the two harmonics I have; This would take about 12 minutes to write it down, and another hour for my chords to become familiar. Words I’ve Known Since I Was 11…

It is a chore to be one’s own boss.

I imagined a guy waking me up at 10 am and saying, “It’s time to wake up, there’s coffee on the stove! We’ll spend a few hours learning a couple Neil Young songs, and then we sit outside in the sun for 45 minutes, and then come back inside to surf the Beatles the book. The warmest part of the day is between two in the afternoon and six in the evening; We need to be in Lily Bad and play for those four hours; But, first, let’s do three rounds of Wim Hof Breathing exercises method before raising your heart rate with coffee! “

But there is no such person. It would be nice if I had 3 or 4 roommates who were all rambling, practicing their stuff in the room other than where I sleep, and every morning they were running through 3 or 4 new songs. Or should I say it will Be gentle when this situation arises, like, by Law of AttractionI am really looking forward to it and am grateful and happy about it…

I haven’t lost sight of it, the fact that when I reach retirement age (whether it’s 60 or 70, I don’t know and will have to Google) I’ll be free to walk away from here.

But there is something about the way I have drawn it here and a deep subconscious I cannot deny dwells within me; This is the purpose of my life. Or at least the circumstance in which I stand to make the greatest progress in my spiritual development is to stay here and fight it; That is, to learn to love a race of people inclined to hate me and to conquer them with love.

Sure, I can go somewhere in Idaho Where there will be no one but other white people, and I spend my golden years there, but will I be sulky and longing for Lily Bad For the rest of my life on earth?

It’s been 100 hours since I ate the whole box Swiss Rolls, filled with “cream” (which they probably aren’t legally allowed to spell “cream” because it isn’t, but it’s hydrogenated palm kernel and/or soy oil) and I just came back to the feeling of wellness I had before I ate them. The same kind of oil that makes paint stick at home seems to make that stuff stick inside me, and it took me three days of juice fasting just to clear the mental fog from my mind, so I can write this.

I suppose by noon tomorrow, I’ll go out with a jug of alkaline water to sit down and play. By that time, I’ll be past the point where alcohol would make me fuss. It will only be detrimental to the blessed calm that comes on the third day of the juice fast. Of course Satan will appear and give me dominion over heaven and earth if I worship him and worship God Palm Grenade The drink that will always be handed to me by the first person to come with me in Lily BadIf there isn’t one already seated LaylaWhen I get there, the ice hasn’t even melted. But I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

I downloaded a file Breathing exercises, the Wim Hof ​​method video, then upload it into my editor. Then I took more deep breaths, so instead of 30, I would do 45. Then I doubled the breath lengths at the end of each of the 3 rounds, so that at the end of the last round I would be laying there for 3 minutes without any air in my lungs. Pure bliss.

I mentioned I did it in the comments section of wimhis video and got a reply, not from snowman It’s the same, but a follower advised me to see my doctor before taking such an extreme approach (otherwise, this “undertaking” might turn out to be a dismal word game, in hindsight).

That’s funny. Check with my doctor…

Me: “Doctor, I’m going to do a job Wim Hof ​​method twice the intensity prescribed for beginners.”

Doctor: “I Wim Hof ​​method? (Pokes at his smartphone, frowns as a picture of wim, shown climbing a snow-covered mountain wearing only shorts). Why?”

Me: “To stimulate my immune system, alkaline my system, reduce anxiety and stress, so as to raise my energy levels and mental sharpness.”

Doctor: “This is nonsense, son. I will prescribe you a new medicine that was just sent to me from Brand; That will do exactly that for you! There are a lot of lunatics, a lot of sorcery; Don’t fall prey to it! for you Medicaid This will cover eh, let me know right away if your ears start ringing or if you are vomiting any blood. There have been a few cases of such interactions with vaccines; Just call my office if you encounter anything like this, and we’ll bring you back here…” (shaking his head)..tsk, iceman, give me a break! ... (He puts the phone back in the pocket.)

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