Shuffling The Order Of Things

I guess I will never give up.

World War III can wait…

“I have failed so many times; that’s why I succeed,” is a quote I read just yesterday.

Yesterday I had gone down to Whole Foods to see if they had any creatine monohydrate in the powdered form, which they didn’t.

There also hadn’t been any at the Walmart I had gone to Sunday, after having sold my plasma.

And, to top it off, the spell checker on this blog, provided by Google puts a red squiggly line under the words “creatine” and “monohydrate.”

Google does the same thing to the word “kratom-” never heard of it, doesn’t exist; isn’t even a word; you must be in error, type of thing.

This is because, along with psilocybin mushrooms, kratom falls into the category of “things that have medicinal value that Big Pharma cannot make money off of, because they didn’t invent and patent them.”

So now the huge corporations that benefited immensely from the Covid lockdowns have removed creatine for whatever reason and have never sold kratom. One has to go to gas stations run by non English speaking people or order directly from companies that do business in certain states (I guess California is good for something) in order to buy kratom.

Kratom is a natural alternative to the opioids that are a cash cow to another industry that raked it in due to that virus that was used for political reasons and for exacting control over the population.

And, so, it had to go.

Just like any videos about the benefits of psilocybin mushrooms in treating depression, anxiety and PTSD “have to be” disappeared from Youtube.

This is so that the portion of the population under the thumb of the global elitists and techno autocrats will never learn about them.

How greedy must Big Pharma be, after companies like Pfizer profited something like $34 billion over just the first year of the pandemic, to want to further squelch anything that could potentially divert money away from them?

I’m starting to realize just how precious a counterculture were the “deadheads” who followed the Grateful Dead around the country; having left family and friends and hometowns behind, to follow them.

They were, in many cases, trading years of psychotherapy, at a cost of thousands of dollars in favor of being cured by one “religious experience” on magic mushrooms or LSD on one magical night spent at the altar of Jerry Garcia, bolstered by the unconditional love and support of his congregation of deadheads.

LSD was designated a “Class A” substance, I believe around 1980, with the prison sentences for possession of more than a little bit of it having been hiked up accordingly, so that in the eyes of the law it became “just as bad” as heroine.

Just a couple years ago, there was a petition at the kratom bar I used to go to ask for signatures from those against the banning of kratom by the FDA or something; spearheaded by Big Pharma, most likely.

Some kind of compromise was reached whereby the people selling kratom were, moving forward, not allowed to make any claims about any possible medical benefits from it. They were limited, in their spiel to newcomers, to saying that kratom is a plant that grows in Asia, which is a member of the coffee family, and that some people claim gives them energy or relaxation, depending upon the strain.

The place was frequented by people who had become addicted to opioids and were looking for a natural alternative to them. Some of them were doing a double shot of kratom every morning and realizing the same benefits of the opioids; but without the urge to do more and more until some point when they would have to go into rehab because of them.

But, you weren’t allowed to point to that phenomenon if you worked at a kratom bar back in 2016; the place could be shut down by…..? Someone.

So, after finding that creatine monohydrate has been removed from the shelves of Whole Foods, I decided to just get a can of IPA ale, and the rest is history.

An unremarkable, un-blog-worthy day ensued, with me making additional trips to the store for Heineken and waking up this morning with the lights on and me having not gone out to busk.

Tuesday had begun with me abandoning the idea of ​​looking for a different way to start each day, rather than the rut I had fallen into.

The rut I was in was, waking up, and then going straight to a cup of coffee and to Youtube, where I was inundated with videos, most of which were political in nature, with titles like: “Pelosi tries to lie to Ted Cruz and immediately regrets it!”

It was the story of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscar ceremony that morning which ushered me into the echo chamber that Google has placed me in. One where my ideas would reach no new ears; and where it seemed like nobody in the world held a differing opinion than the one that I and the purveyors of just about every video suggested to me, hold.

The day before, I had purposely gone in a different direction by ignoring my screen and typing in “Samantha Fish,” into the search box. This had sent me on an entirely different trajectory; and I believe my whole day had been improved because of that.

Today I begin with this here. Doing a blog post first. Right now, World War III might be starting somewhere, but I’m more focused upon my morning routine and won’t be sucked into watching the war unfold in “real” time.

The power just went out, here at Sacred Heart. It’s pretty windy outside and so a tree falling on a power line is a likely cause of that. I don’t know how charged my laptop battery is, so I will post this now; Then hop on my bike and hopefully find that the grocery stores and the GNC still have power.

GNC might still have creatine monohydrate for sale…

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