Street Musician Daniel: A Time To De-Clutter

I spent so much time and unlimited data, through the government phone that allocates that amount to all of us homeless food stamp recipients; Seemingly to keep us glued to our phones until Big Brother keeps us updated, while keeping tabs on our sites.

No doubt scripts that monitor the collection of those the algorithm labels “homegrown terrorists” to collect them in numbers greater than 50 or so — one of the costs of “unlimited free data”, due to a pandemic of course…

Meanwhile, I’m sitting at home and watched a full hour and forty minute interview with Eckhart Tolle, by Russell Brand, and then watched the documentary above which was about an hour and a half long.

Hearing the Tibetans talk about their Holocaust, at the hands of the Chinese—who never got the press that Hitler did, for reasons that persist to this day; And how yogis have no animosity toward the Chinese people (they were only doing as instructed by the communist regime) nor the Chinese government (people who were brutalized in every way imaginable were paying for the negative karma they had accumulated in this, or earlier) is a great testimony on her health.

Earlier, I had watched a video where four men ranked The Smith’s top ten songs, in each of their opinions.

I ended up falling asleep watching a video of the Gnostic gospels, which resonated with me, as I drifted off to sleep. Good thing for unlimited data, as I woke up a few hours later and turned off my laptop consuming more than half a gigabyte that was lost, because I’m asleep, or maybe not, if I subconsciously sink into my mind.

On waking up and invoking the Law of Attraction by coming up with three things to be positive about (something a young girl, interviewed in one of the outcrops of the Buddhist exodus of genocide Chinese, said, in or around San Diego, California, is something very similar, in that Every night before she fell asleep, she would think of two things she “did badly” that day, and two things she “did well” and would wake up with a determination not to repeat one, but rather the other).

Once I was so happy and grateful for what I had, I looked in my bookshelf and noticed a book I hadn’t remembered before, and wondered how it had even made it to my shelf–perhaps I had grabbed it along with others who had drawn my attention away from it.

It was “the life-changing magic of cleaning (the Japanese art of de-cluttering and organizing). Ironically, it was hidden from me in the clutter of my room, until then.”

I might write more about it, and other things, but it’s 10pm, 73 degrees on the evening of December 9th – Thursday night football is a massacre, as if the Pittsburgh Steelers are the Tibetans and the Minnesota Vikings are the Chinese Communists, and so there is every reason to To get out and work, although I still struggle to motivate myself to do so.

I began to think that I was called to fast for a long time without kratom, coffee, tobacco, cannabis, or sugar; Kind of like yogis.

Found in a messy pile of books in my room…

I’d be happy to make enough for an ounce of kratom and a can of food for Harold.

I also fear being addicted to the internet, which was a common thread between the Eckhart Tolle and Yogi video. Both mentioned the danger of ego-driven sites that provoke anger, resentment, jealousy and the rest of the five things yogis struggle to subdue through meditation.

I may have to de-clutter this blog by going back and deleting such negativity from previous posts; Or turn off your laptop and just use it to check the weather from now on and send messages to a few people..

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