Street Musician Daniel: More On The Crash

Fortunately, I had a USB drive that contained a simplified version of Ubuntu Linux, called Lubuntu-a shrunk “light” and “Ubuntu”, I believe.

Bourbon Street has passed the “at least 10 person test”.

This allowed me to operate the laptop using the stick. At this point, I was able to find my hard drive, which is listed as 100% full.

I suspect the latest Audacity version is 3.3 or similar, it has some kind of bug where it doesn’t delete temporary files stored on the hard drive when it’s done. For example, if you are adding an echo to a track, it will store the original in a temporary file; In case you change your mind and retract the echo until you go back to the original. My theory is that it wasn’t deleted when Audacity closed. My hard drive started filling up while I was using Audacity.

I moved a bunch of stuff on purpose from the drive to USB sticks to give myself a “working space” of about 16GB. This should have been plenty of room to work on files that were one-twentieth of that size, even if they needed to be repeated a bunch of times to allow actions to be rolled back.

I’ll be patient with the lead, because there are so many ways to whip a cat…sorry, Harold just read that last line on my shoulder and he’s under the bed now…

There is a hard drive repair utility that can be downloaded and must be placed on a USB drive, then the computer is booted from that stick so that the suspected hard drive can boot.

One of the error messages I got was something like “An attempt was made to write off disk.” This doesn’t seem like something the operating system will try to do; And so I suspect that there is a bug in the new version of Audacity.

I’ll have to find a Boot Repair program and put it on a stick. Then maybe I can get a more comprehensive diagnostic message that, hopefully, will tell me that some files are corrupt and I’ll be able to rewrite the drive’s boot sectors, including this file, and again access everything.

It’s funny how, while I was thinking about what it would mean for a hard drive to be completely erased, it occurred to me how most things got there; downloaded from the internet.

My Documents guide was mostly a collection of Wikipedia pages about things you planned on reading. There was a ‘Perl’ subsection with all my programming stuff that was going into my script format that I was trying to upgrade.

This was the text I could run the blog posts through, and it would display the paragraphs in different colors, after zooming in on the first 3 words of each. All names, such as places for people and things that begin with capital letters, will appear in bold. Then, at the end it will give the word count; Like: “I just read 1,749 words” or something like that.

Then the second “module” of it was the part that creates the dictionary. This will go word by word through the text and check to see if each one is already in the “dictionary”. The dictionary will thus become a dictionary of my vocabulary, with an entry for every word I’ve ever used, based on feeding all of my blog posts, since 2006, through script.

I got to the point where I was trying to get the program to reject all XML type elements that come Blogger ‘feeds’.

These “tags” always include non-alphanumeric characters; So making the program not recognize these things as things you typed was about the point I was at when my hard drive crashed.

But, in recent conversations with my childhood friend, Dave, I learned that he gets his six-figure salary by working with Python, not Perl, for which I was writing the script. He said he could give me all kinds of help in Python, so I decided to rewrite everything in Python, and learn that language while I was in it. So, completely wiping out a hard drive seems like less and less a tragedy as I think of it.

Go bus you young man!

The current time is Tuesday 4th January 2022 and is about 8:34 PM; I’m sure the batteries in the spotlight and in good amps, so I’m out to play; Since I can do it any other time…

The Singingbird Clock just tweeted at 9pm…time to see what Lily’s painting looks like…

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