The 3 Day Juice Fast And Cleanse And Mucous Free Diet

Claire de Lune plays a confused record, as I sit here still feeling the effects of the box of cream-filled chocolate rolls I ate for about 66 hours now.

I’m learning valuable lessons that will help me in the practice of treating people with eczema, without drugs, topical creams, or cortisone injections every two weeks to “eliminate the inflammation,” in case I decide to hang pebbles as a naturopath of some sort. This is because some things stay in the system for days and can trigger allergic reactions to other things once they are there.

Dom* came back yesterday afternoon from the hospital, and I happened to be out of place when the elevator door opened and he sped forward with his right arm in a sling, his left thumb wrapped in medical tape.

I walked with him, up to his apartment, which was kept open for about 24 hours of his ordeal of a dislocated shoulder and a broken thumb; He left the mine open and the bike outside waiting to be taken to Roses Market, where I intended to get alkaline water and juice, to continue the cleanse.

I rolled some cigarettes for him with a rolling mill, because he was not able to do so; Then he opened a bottle of grape juice.

Then he asked if I would bring him several things while he was in Roses, and he gave me his EBT card, and a small piece of paper with his PIN written on it.

I was impressed with how cool and logical it was, after the hospital staff “dry” while they installed it – and cause, I’m sure they kept it for so long due to a dislocated shoulder and a broken thumb. He couldn’t remember the details of his fall down the stairs, but he remembered enough to thank me for calling 911 on his behalf.

I left for Rouses Market, but decided to go to Winn Dixie instead; She brought him roast beef and chicken salad, which he wanted.

Having returned to Sacred Heart, I found that he was already expecting me, having periodically checked the balance on his EBT card so that he would know, in a few minutes, when I was on record, and when to expect me back. Even he already knew that I remembered getting both items, from looking at the same balance. I was amazed at how natural it looked, seeing for the first time without a half gallon of whiskey.

Dom (*as I finally learned his real name by looking at his EBT card) was talking about going to an OctaPharma blood plasma place that sells blood plasma for $60, the next day after he fell down the stairs and broke a bone.

His main concern was that the folks at OctaPharma might throw him away after noticing the mark left by the intravenous drips the hospital used, thinking he had taken some medication. He was planning to offer them his other arm – the one that dislocated at the shoulder and then popped out again – after entering without the cast and thumb wraps.

He told me they didn’t need proof of vaccination at that place, and suggested I go with him the next time he went. About 3 years ago since I donated my plasma there I will be taken as a “new” donor, give me a short body, and then give me $100 for the 450ml they’ll take from me. Dom will get a referral bonus of $25 for bringing me there.

I was amazed to learn that they don’t have vaccine police at the entrance to such a place. Donating plasma gives a blow to the immune system, and there, the unvaccinated would be lying there, strapped to their extraction machines all lined up in rows, processing roughly 24 at a time, all taxing their own immune systems; However no evidence of vaccination is required. By the way, they are a Swiss owned company.

Their other regulations are so strict that I remember getting rejected once because my blood protein level was just below the minimum or I had lost a lot of weight between visits. If you’ve been to Sudan before, I think it was, you are not eligible to donate, etc., or even if you know someone who injects drugs.

Of course, anyone who wants to sell their plasma learns through the grapevine to “just answer all the ‘no’ questions except for ‘Are you healthy today?'” “This question, you have to answer ‘Yes,’” even if you sneeze on the touch screen while doing so.

I’m debating whether or not to go to work, right now. It’s about three in the afternoon and it’s probably about 58 degrees outside. A little chilly while riding there, but perfectly fine once you start playing, and the layers of clothing start to peel between the first few songs. I usually wear a T-shirt in 58-degree weather after only two songs.

I’m still working on the mentality to go out and play 6 nights a week, like I’ve been doing.

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